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Five points to pay attention to when buying and using disposable plastic tableware

   When consumers buy and use disposable plastic tableware products, they must pay attention to the following five points:

   Look at the logo. It is necessary to see whether there is information such as QS mark, production license number, manufacturer, production address, etc., to improve product quality assurance.

  Second look at the packaging. Choose well-packaged products, pay attention to the production date and shelf life, try to choose products within the shelf life to prevent bacteria and mold;

   Three look at the appearance. To buy disposable plastic tableware with a smooth surface and uniform color, try to choose colorless and transparent products without decorative patterns;

   Four smells. Smell for any peculiar smell or odor first, to prevent the odor when using it, which will affect food safety;

  Five look at hardness. Whether the product is too soft, try not to choose a product that is too soft.

When buying a plastic lunch box, check whether there is a "BPA-free" mark

  Lunch boxes are like socks. Even if you try to pay close attention to them, the lid and container will eventually undergo various "changes" because you are not paying attention. So far, many kinds of fast food boxes are entering the new market, and the ones that are sold in the market are often all kinds of brightly colored plastic lunch boxes. When buying, you need to pay special attention to all the lunch boxes. Is there a mark "No BPA" on it.
The "BPA-free" label means that the product does not contain BPA, a synthetic compound related to a range of health problems, from cardiovascular diseases to brain dysplasia and increased risk of certain cancers; BPA is used in the plastic industry One of the most widespread chemicals, from dental sealants to cash register receipts and tin can linings.
  But more and more evidence shows that BPA-free products are safer than the hard plastics they replace, and some studies have shown that some chemical alternatives may be more effective than BPA.


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