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HDPE: high density polyethylene


Suitable for food and medicine, cleaning products and bath products, shopping bags, trash cans, etc. At present, most of the plastic bags used in supermarkets and shopping malls are made of this material, which can withstand high temperatures of 110 ° C, and plastic bags for food can be used to hold food. HDPE is widely used in various translucent, opaque plastic containers and has a thick hand.

Commonly used in: white medicine bottles, opaque shampoo bottles, yogurt bottles, chewing gum bottles, etc.

Advantages: It is more resistant to various corrosive solutions and is used in cleaning products, bath products, etc.

Note: Bottles containing cleaning products and bath products can be reused after cleaning, but these containers are usually not cleaned, and the residual substances will become a hotbed of bacteria. It is best not to recycle them. It is not recommended as a food and beverage for recycling. The container is used.

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