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High Barrier Protection And Recyclable Plastic Trays

CPET Thermoforming film is a revolutionary thermal, chemical and pressure welding technology. The concept of dividing food into sections has been around for decades but the new design provides for maximum use of space in an expeditious, cost effective manner. The manufacturing process is simple and quick with no mess or cleanup required. CPET Thermoforming film will provide you with many years of service and excellent results.

Thermoforming trays are designed for food service equipment and related applications requiring toughness, durability, and consistency. Thermoforming is the process of heating a liquid or gas to a temperature in excess of that found inside the tank or container. During this process tiny bubbles are formed which become the liquid material. The bubbles expand to form metal sheets that adhere to the inside walls of the containers and provide superior protection from contamination, wear and tear, and environmental damage.

These trays are created using a thermoplastic polymer compound known as CPET. CPET is specifically formulated to resist impact, abrasion, heat, moisture, and chemicals. This polymeric material is safe for the food to be processed without risk of damaging or releasing contaminants into the finished product. It also has anti-bacterial properties to inhibit growth and spoilage.

In order to make these trays you must first prepare all the raw materials before you begin the process. The plastic material will need to be cleaned and then carefully washed with warm water. The cleaned and preheated plastic material must then be air dried to ensure that it is strong and resilient before it is formed into a tray. Your CPET plastic trays can be made in any standard sizes and shapes and can be custom made to your specifications.

The trays themselves are formed into distinct sections that are then welded together to form the completed CPET Plastic Tray. All the seams on the tray will be high quality silicone sealed for added strength and protection. Once the entire tray is welded together you will have a durable, plastic tray that will keep foods from spoiling or becoming infected. The thickness of the material ensures that any liquids will remain below the rim of the tray which prevents them from contacting the food inside.

When choosing CPET plastic trays you are guaranteed high barrier protection as well as a long life span. Because these products are designed to last a lifetime you can even reuse them over again. Since the material used to make CPET is resistant to heat, it is possible to reuse your CPET plastic trays and plates over again. This means that your family can enjoy fresh meals for many years to come. With these durable and reusable products you can feel confident that the food you and your family consume is safe and nutritious.

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