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How CPET Trays Help Preserve Food Products For Longer Storage Times


CPET trays have become the preferred choice of this prepared meal concept. They are specially designed for easy grab and heat use. Meals can then be stored on the tray and kept warm when ready to serve.

A CPET Tray is also called a "second skin" because it can withstand a variety of foods that have a coating on the bottom. These include; hot dogs, sausages, bacon, lunch meats, pretzels, nuts, various cheeses, crackers, various sauces, vegetables, meats, dairy products, popcorn, biscuits, and chips. All foods except for popcorn can easily fall off the tray and into the dishwasher or even used as a topper on a cake.

These trays work especially well in an environment where food products are exposed to heat often including fresh baked food products, such as cakes or pies. An excellent feature of the CPET is the fact that the product has a fully sealed, second skin that provides maximum protection for the food. These models are also safe for use by infants, senior citizens, and people with restricted mobility or with limited dexterity. When used with CPET VSP System accessories such as VSP Digital Thermo Pad and VSP Thermo Shield, the CPET tray and accessories offer consumers an effective and convenient way to prepare food products.


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