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How do EVOH barrier trays contribute to reducing the need for additional preservatives in packaged food products?

EVOH barrier trays act as a protective barrier against external factors such as oxygen, moisture, and odors, which are major contributors to food spoilage. By significantly reducing the permeability of these harmful elements, EVOH barrier trays help extend the shelf life of packaged food products without the need for excessive preservatives.

Oxygen Barrier: Oxygen is a pervasive element in the atmosphere that plays a significant role in the deterioration of many food products through oxidative processes. These processes include lipid oxidation, protein denaturation, and enzymatic browning, all of which can lead to undesirable changes in flavor, color, texture, and nutritional value. EVOH barrier trays, composed of ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymers, possess exceptional oxygen barrier properties, with oxygen transmission rates significantly lower than those of conventional packaging materials like polyethylene or polypropylene. By creating a nearly impermeable barrier to oxygen ingress, EVOH barrier trays effectively shield packaged food products from the harmful effects of oxidation, thereby extending their shelf life and maintaining their quality over time. This reduction in oxygen exposure mitigates the need for the addition of synthetic antioxidants such as butylated hydroxyanisole or butylated hydroxytoluene, as well as oxygen scavengers like ascorbic acid or modified atmosphere packaging  techniques.

Moisture Barrier: Moisture content is a critical factor in food preservation, as it directly influences microbial growth, enzymatic activity, and textural stability. Excessive moisture can promote the growth of spoilage microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast, and mold, leading to foodborne illnesses and product spoilage. Moisture can accelerate enzymatic reactions, causing undesirable changes in texture, such as softening or sogginess, and compromising product quality. EVOH barrier trays excel in their ability to provide an effective barrier against moisture transmission, with water vapor transmission rates significantly lower than those of conventional packaging materials. By minimizing moisture ingress into the package, EVOH barrier trays help maintain the desired moisture levels within the food product, thereby preserving its texture, consistency, and overall quality throughout its shelf life. This moisture control reduces the need for moisture-retaining preservatives such as humectants (e.g., glycerol, sorbitol) or anti-caking agents (e.g., calcium silicate, magnesium stearate), which are commonly added to prevent moisture migration and maintain product stability.

Odor Barrier: Odor contamination can significantly impact the sensory properties of food products, leading to off-flavors and off-odors that detract from the overall eating experience. External odors from the environment, such as packaging materials, storage conditions, or adjacent products, can permeate packaging materials and interact with the enclosed food, resulting in flavor taints and consumer dissatisfaction. EVOH barrier trays provide an effective barrier against odor transmission, preventing the migration of volatile compounds from the external environment to the packaged food. This odor barrier function helps preserve the food's original aroma and flavor profile, ensuring a clean, authentic sensory experience for consumers. By maintaining the integrity of the food's sensory attributes, EVOH barrier trays eliminate the need for masking agents or strong-flavored preservatives used to counteract odor contamination. This reduction in added flavors or fragrances enhances the perceived naturalness and quality of the product, meeting consumer demand for cleaner label options with fewer artificial additives.

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