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How to buy disposable tableware?

How to choose disposable tableware? QS logo should be recognized when purchasing disposable tableware. Printing pattern should be as few as possible. Since September 1, 2009, all food paper packaging and containers must pass QS market access before they can be marketed. Paper containers such as paper cups, paper tableware and other food paper containers, as disposable consumer goods, will produce compounds in the process of hot melting or film spraying if the materials used are not good.

When choosing disposable tableware, it is necessary to see whether the name and address of the manufacturer, QS production license and number, product execution standard, production date and validity period are indicated on the package of the product. At the same time, it is necessary to observe whether the outer package of the product is obviously damaged. The better products sold on the market are usually packed in hot seals, which can effectively prevent the product from circulating. Secondary pollution.

At the same time, one-time tableware should be selected with full shape, wrinkle-free, thickness and non-deformation products. If the cup body is too soft, it is easy to accidentally burn in use. When choosing the top product, gently squeeze it first. If you feel the product is soft, you should buy it carefully.

Disposable tableware products are usually packaged in plastic, so we should try our best to buy products with less printing patterns and less bright colors. There should be a 15 mm blank area between the printing pattern and the cup mouth to prevent harmful substances migration caused by the contact between printing ink and lip during use.



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