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How to choose a paper cup


Since our life is inseparable from the use of disposable paper cups, let us first look at how to buy paper cups.

Look at the seal.

Generally, the paper cup should be sealed in a plastic packaging bag. The packaging bag should not be damaged. The paper cup with less tight packaging is easily polluted by the environment, and the hygiene cannot be guaranteed.

Look at the cup.

Note that the cup mouth is smooth, smooth, no waste edge, burr, the cup should be clean and transparent, uniform thickness, no impurities, bubbles, water lines, no fish eye stiffness.


To choose a paper cup with a good cup body stiffness, try to choose a cup with a thick and stiff cup. When choosing a paper cup, you can use your hand to gently squeeze on both sides of the cup to get a good idea of ​​the stiffness of the cup.

Look at the outer packaging.

It is necessary to carefully check whether the packaging label is marked with the contents of “product name, producer name, factory address, product execution standard, production date, shelf life, sanitation license” and other national regulations. If the label content is incomplete or irregular, Such a paper cup is best not to buy.

Look at the cup.

The color of the cup of the good quality cup should be uniform and the outline should be clear. The wax layer of the waxed cup should be even and thin, the coating of the coating cup should be uniform, no leakage coating, and the cup should not have obvious depression and wrinkle.

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