Characteristics of modified atmosphere packaging

Update:17 Jul 2018

Compound modified atmosphere packaging, also known as g […]

Compound modified atmosphere packaging, also known as gas displacement packaging, preservation than the quality of a higher grade, preservation of food must be guaranteed, but the quality of the food may not be fresh.
   Modified atmosphere packaging can meet the Western livestock fish cooked food, cooking, stew, fast food, meat and other food products, in a certain period of time and keep the original requirements of preservative.
   The fresh-keeping gas in modified atmosphere packaging usually consists of CO2, O2, N2 and other gases. Most of the corruption suppression of bacterial and fungal growth and reproduction. With CO2 gas is the main gas preservation antibacterial agent; O2 can inhibit the growth and reproduction of most anaerobic spoilage bacteria, keep fresh meat color, and respiration of fresh fruits and vegetables to maintain the fresh state of the role; N2 is an inert gas, generally do not react with food also, not to be absorbed by the food, in Modified Atmosphere packaging used for filling gas. After the modified atmosphere packaging, the fresh-keeping gas forms a protective film on the surface of the food so as to achieve antibacterial and fresh-keeping, and maintain the nutritious ingredients of the food and the original taste, taste and shape.