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What is the fresh food packaging technology?

  It is a means of replacing the air in the package by means of an air conditioning device by means of a specific fresh gas such as N2, CO2, etc., in order to achieve food preservation.
Food preservation is a kind of food, smell and taste of the food, but because of the characteristics of the food itself, resulting in food susceptible to bacterial erosion and lead to food color, taste, corruption. So how to keep food food manufacturers have been seeking and solve the problem.
From the current food preservation methods, the basic methods of food preservative preservation, food frozen fresh, dehydrated and fresh and fresh air preservation. Food additives preservation by adding a certain amount of chemical additives in the food to prevent the bacteria to breed or kill bacteria to achieve the purpose of preservation, but long-term use of food additives will cause harm to the human body; food frozen fresh food will also be the original taste, Color has an impact.
However, as people increasingly want to eat the original taste of food, add preservatives, frozen, dry and dehydrated has been unable to meet the needs of mass consumer food packaging. The latest emergence of the atmosphere of fresh-keeping technology, more and more prominent in the market application of its advantages, energy preservation technology is through the food packaging in the air pumping and then through the precise gas mixing instrument will be deployed a good proportion of fresh gas into the Packaging, so as to achieve the inhibition of aerobic bacteria breeding, to achieve the preservation of food, keep the food color, smell and taste.This advanced preservation technology has been widely used in foreign countries, gas mixing technology in the domestic market has also been quickly recognized, and in the atmosphere of preservation You Luodi Boer machinery production of the atmosphere packaging machine with the leading domestic technical level, Effective control of the residual oxygen within the packaging to achieve <0.5%, so good to achieve fresh effect.

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