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Fresh fruit and vegetable preservation status quo

 Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and other nutrients, is the necessities of life food, each country on the fruit and vegetable industry to give a high degree of attention. In China, fruit and vegetable industry has become a pillar industry of agricultural efficiency, farmers' income and rural stability, and become an important way to promote the development of agricultural industrialization, guide the adjustment of agricultural structure and realize the sustainable development of agriculture in China. With the economic development and improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for fruits and vegetables gradually from the pursuit of the number and price of the pursuit of product quality and variety, clean, safe and nutritious. As the seasonal production of fruits and vegetables is obvious, the need for preservation, preservation, packaging and circulation of system technology to protect its perennial market liquidity needs. With the development of global economic integration, especially after China's accession to the WTO, China's fruit and vegetable industry has brought opportunities, but also face more severe domestic and domestic markets and fierce challenges. China's fruit and vegetable production is a big country, but China's production of fruit and vegetable products due to the low level of standardization, to the preservation, preservation, packaging has brought technical problems; fresh fruits and vegetables postharvest, pre-cold storage, storage and other commercial processing and sales technology Lack of or incomplete links, the product of fresh quality is not under control, in particular, some consumers are welcome to the name, special, excellent, refined, new, rare fruit and vegetable varieties because of its postharvest physiology, Preservation, packaging research less, did not get a good market development. After       Entering the 21st century, through the introduction of foreign advanced technology achievements and independent research and development, the development of product quality standards and related operating procedures, has basically formed a new fresh fruit and vegetable preservation packaging technology system, such as induced post-harvest disease, high O2 technology, cold storage technology, special chemical application technology (animal and plant source edible packaging materials, growth regulators, etc.), radiation technology, CAP (controlled atmosphere package) technology, high pressure technology and microwave technology, these technologies The development and application, has greatly improved the preservation of fresh fruits and vegetables fresh packaging technology level, effectively improve the safety of fresh fruit and vegetable products

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