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Check the food packaging

   Food packaging hidden dangers, often appear in your unexpected place.
   Bright colors, ink into a hidden danger. Bright colors mean that more ink is used, which increases the chance of heavy metals and solvents migrating into and out of bags. Once the harmful substances into the packaging of the contents, will inevitably cause a lot of security  problems.
   Snacks put toys, dangerous. In order to attract children to buy, more and more snacks will be accompanied by small toys. These small toys are mostly packed in a thin plastic bag, and snacks mixed together. It is easy to lead to the installation of plastic bags and snacks of oil react from the precipitation of harmful substances, if the plastic bag rupture, plastic toys will contaminate snacks.
   Plastic can not be hot food, greasy food. Now people use a lot of plastic bags, some, such as polyethylene, polypropylene is a safe plastic, can be used to dress food, and many restaurants, as early as the sale of the use of thin film plastic bags by the majority of food can not be filled with PVC processing Come into being. With their fried fried fritters, hot pasta, etc., it may lead to leakage of harmful substances, a long time easy to cause chronic poisoning.
Choose food packaging, so that "a look, two hear, three hands."
   A look at the packaging is not damaged, there is no food production license QS logo, whether marked with a clear production and shelf life date;
   If there is a fragrance in the bag, it is also advisable to be careful, and the food packaging must be tasteless because some of the food is packed in the food compartment, A fragrant bag may contain excessive amounts of volatile substances;
   Three hands is to hand to feel the food outside the packaging, wiping the hand to see if fade, stretch about to see if it is easy to break. We usually in addition to the safety of food itself, but also pay attention to whether the food packaging is safe. Because the packaging will also affect the food, which brings the risk of physical illness.

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