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Fresh cut fruit preservation technology which requirements

  Today for everyone to introduce fresh cut fruit preservation technology which requirements.
   Food and fruit and vegetable use of modified atmosphere packaging equipment for preservation packaging, the need for gas mixing accuracy error and gas replacement rate has a reasonable requirement. The gas used for the regulation of fish atmosphere is composed of CO2, O2 and N2, in which the concentration of CO2 is higher than 50%, and the aerobic bacteria are inhibited. The growth of the mold will not make the fish leach; O2 concentration 10% -15% Oxygen breeding. If the rate of indoor air flow is improved, it helps to accelerate the cooling rate. Applicable to all garden products. Need to design different sizes for life, with the use of repeated use of science and technology ice packs, ice bags can be cold can heat (ice bags can be frozen to -190 ℃ minimum, the maximum can be heated to 200 ℃, can be cut size) (Re-classification, refurbishment and packaging), retail and consumption; sales and marketing link area refers mainly to short and long-distance transport of clean vegetables. The purity of N2 used in food packaging must reach the pure nitrogen level (ie safety level). You should consider the air pre-cooling mode. Demand for the park products transport or storage time longer, the more the need for pre-cooling. On the contrary, only sold to the neighboring market without pre-cooling. After the rapid recovery of vegetables, there are a lot of benefits, easy to change color, smooth surface, easy to clean, good insulation effect, not afraid of touch, can be used for life. Products are used with ice packs. Continuous cold storage time up to several days.
   The United States application of N2 to increase the strength of thin aluminum material beverage cans, in the beverage cans before the tank, the nitrogen dissolved in the beverage; 40% CO2 and 60% N2 mixed gas filling in the modified bag, the shelf life of the sample than the longer 22 days, 6.5 times the shelf life of the control sample

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