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Leading to seven bags of food packaging bags after the twists and turns and solve the solution

Some food packaging bags packaging products will appear after the roll is not flat deformation and other issues, resulting in these phenomena will be what reason? How should we decide?
    I believe there are many food manufacturers will be more or less encountered such a situation, in the use of plastic food packaging bags packaging products after the overall surface of the curling, bag distortion, packaging is not flat, causing these problems the main reason What should we solve?
   First of all to say that the packaging caused by curling, deformation, etc. The main reason:
   1, the surface of the substrate film heat resistance is poor;
   2, the composite process of composite substrate tension control improper control, resulting in its aging stereotypes still have residual stress, especially when the composite film thickness is more prone to such failure;
   3, the thickness of the composite film is inconsistent;
   4, the cooling is not sufficient;
   5, ripening time is not enough;
    6, in the longitudinal heat sealing knife part, the composite film running trajectory is not straight;
   7, heat sealing temperature is too high or heat sealing time is too long;
And then we already know the reason should be made accordingly to adjust accordingly, to avoid unnecessary losses, the following is our summary of some of the coping methods:
   1, re-select the surface of the substrate film, remember not to choose a little cheaper than the substrate;
   2, adjust the tension of the various parts of the composite processing equipment, as far as possible to make the composite phase of the two kinds of composite rehearsal rate equal;
   3, adjust the composite when the floating roller tension, so that the thickness of the same as possible;
   4, full cooling;
   5, fully mature, but can not make the material too mature or easy to cause adhesion, the degree must be mastered; 6, the choice of low-temperature heat sealing with the sealing substrate; 7 heat sealing temperature to adjust to the appropriate temperature.

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