Food packaging industry color

Update:17 Jul 2018

According to the inherent color of goods or commodity p […]

According to the inherent color of goods or commodity properties, the use of visual color is the color box packaging printing design with an important means of color. Commodity packaging is an important part of the commodity, it is not only an indispensable coat of goods, plays a protective commodity, easy to transport, sales and consumer purchase role, but also the image of the image of the manufacturing enterprises. Color as an important element in the design of commodity packaging, not only play a role in beautifying the packaging of goods, but also in the process of commodity marketing also plays a role can not be ignored. This is being more and more attention to the design of enterprises and commodity packaging.
The use of the color of the use of the goods itself in the packaging of the color reproduction, is the most to give people the same kind of association, so that the inner items have a basic concept of impression. Color in the product packaging design, because of its unique connotation, role and characteristics, in the marketing of goods, plays a silent role in marketing masters. This should be inspired by our product packaging designers. Designers should not only pay attention to the color of the packaging of goods beautification function, but also from the perspective of economic attention to their packaging design in the marketing function.
In the food packaging, the use of bright colors bright pink, orange, orange and other colors can emphasize the fragrance of food, sweet smell, taste and taste. Chocolate, cereals and other food, more with gold, red, brown and other warm, giving a fresh and delicious, nutritious feeling. Tea packaging with green, giving fresh, healthy feeling. Cold food packaging, with a sense of cool, snow and blue, white, can highlight the food frozen and health. Alcohol and tobacco food commonly used elegant quaint colors, giving the body to produce delicious, mellow feeling, psychologically that it has a long history of brand-name experience. Clothing and footwear mostly dark green, dark blue, brown or gray as much as to highlight the calm and elegant beauty. It is the color of these goods packaging in line with the consumer's physical and psychological characteristics, so that consumers quickly make a decision in the same kind of goods to buy this product, which will speed up the sale of corporate goods. The
Folding packaging industry, more than 80% of the information from the visual, if the box designers on the packaging of color grasp and use can directly reflect the characteristics of the internal items, this commodity is likely to become the preferred product buyers. Of course, there are also the opposite of the phenomenon, some boxed packaging design master bold use of color contrast, to achieve better and more surprising effect, but if the pocket is not good, it will be