Keeping Different Food Containers in Your Kitchen

Update:17 Jul 2018

If there is one thing that you need a lot of in the kit […]

If there is one thing that you need a lot of in the kitchen, it is food containers. And they can’t all be the same kind, either. Whether you are looking to store rice, refrigerate leftovers, or pack up those delicious goodies for a picnic, you need the right food containers for the job. Keep reading and here are some styles of containers and pointers to pick the right ones when you go shopping.

Dry goods storage: Tall and slim containers are great for storing tea, coffee, sugar, and lentils in your cabinets and bottle racks. This way, you can make the best use of the space available. Smaller glass jars with tight lids can be used for spices, to lock in their zest. Dry goods containers should be high quality, food -grade plastic, glass jars, or even old-fashioned metal tins. Containers that are transparent or have a window to see the contents are most practical.

In the fridge: To store leftovers in the fridge, you need containers that seal in aromas and flavors, and keep food fresh and tasty. See-through boxes are quite convenient since you can check the contents without opening them. Look for container sets in a variety of sizes. Stackable containers, that can go from the fridge to the microwave, and then to the table, are just perfect.

Snack jars: It is always nice to have a well-stocked snack shelf and for that you need lots of jars. Cookie jars, airtight tins, buckets with lids are all lovely to store snacks in. Breakfast muesli and cereal can be put in pretty jars to add cheer to your morning. Snack jars that store cookies, candies and cereals should have easy open and lock system, as these would mostly be handled by kids in the house.

On-the-go boxes: When you in a travel, water bottles, vacuum flasks, and travel drink mugs are must haves. Insulated lunch bags with coordinating boxes are great for packing lunch for kids and grown-ups alike. Food vacuum flasks are great for carrying soups, pasta and rice dishes since they keep them hot and fresh.

Once you have a variety of food containers in your kitchen, putting away the groceries will be a piece of cake, and cooking and clearing up will be easier. And when hunger pangs strike at 4pm, you know which food container to raid!