Some Plastic Container Types From

Update:17 Jul 2018

Covered container is connected, typically by a hinge, f […]

Covered container is connected, typically by a hinge, for the protection of products, and prevents loss of the cover lid of the container.

The bottom of the container has a hinge at the top and bottom openings. The bottom opening normally locked and unlocked for easy removal of the product.

Drum is a container for holding commodities, food, liquor, wine, water, spare parts and other materials, a variety of sizes.

The containers can be nested together or inside another container for easy storage.

Hopper for short-term storage container, designed to store the material can be easily discarded.

Open the lid or top head of the vessel is detachable.

Leaking containers overpack container damaged drums, generally contain harmful substances.

Packaging containers are usually commercial, sometimes custom-designed for ease of use and presentation depending on the product contained.

Plastic bottles are used for small-volume transport, storage and distribution of products in small containers

Plastic boxes are made of plastic material storage containers.

Plastic crates are storing and dispensing container of variable sizes and configurations.

Plastic bucket is used for many applications warehousing, distribution and other smaller, round plastic containers.

Plastic food containers are usually made of polypropylene and have a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate different numbers of foods.

Small plastic containers plastic containers typically used in consumer products distribution in small quantities.

Plastic storage containers are stackable containers are used to store a variety of items.

Plastic transport containers are used to transport plastic container products.

Plastic barrel storage or dispensing container for use in commercial and industrial applications.

Plastic containers can be plastic baskets, usually with a handle, hold or carry the product / material.

Reusable containers are reworkable reusable container.

Stackable containers, it is easy to accumulate, without causing harm to another or products may sometimes be "locked" surrounding container container.