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Plastic Cutlery Varieties

There are many types of disposable cutlery. Also known as Plastic Cutlery or picnic ware, disposable cutlery consists of knives, forks, and spoons that are intended for one use and then to be disposed of. This type of cutlery comes in a wide array of colors and can be made of metallic plastic or wood. Disposable cutlery is a handy alternative to traditional meal ware and can be styled in such a manner that it appears at a glance to be fine sterling silver or bronze. This type of cutlery comes in all weights, from extra durable heavy-weight to a light-weight plastic.

One of the common complaints of those who frequently use disposable cutlery has been that the cutlery has not been able to be recycled. With this in mind, many manufacturers have now created entire lines of cutlery that are entirely Eco-friendly. These pieces are 100-percent biodegradable and compostable and are available as separate pieces and packaged sets. This cutlery is most commonly fashioned from birch wood. It can also be made from a wood product crafted from renewable materials and is light to hold and crafted so that it does not splinter when used.

Well, disposable cutlery kits are another popular convenience. These kits not only come with the cutlery required for a meal, but they also include a plate and a bowl. Some of these kits will even include a napkin and some salt and pepper. The kit is often prepackaged and comes shrink-wrapped. Kits like these are popular for picnic baskets and for outside meals, where everything from the meal can be disposed of when the meal is finished .

In a word, a prepackaged set of disposable cutlery designed for convenience when a meal is catered. By picking up a prepackaged set of cutlery instead of sorting through a pile of knives, forks, and spoons while trying to strategically balance a plate filled with food is always a good choice. Besides, these handy sets of cutlery can be purchased for either commercial or private use.

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