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Why Choose Plastic Food Containers with Lids

When it comes to securing and displaying products, sealable lids can be a valuable addition to the container of choice. There are several reasons to add a lid to a container.

1. Keep the product intact. Especially with food it is important to keep out debris or contaminants encountered in shipping, storage, and daily handling. A lid ensures that the product will not be altered accidentally.

2. Security. Again, particularly (but not limited to) in instances involving food, many times it is required to keep the product sealed until after it has been purchased by a customer. This ensures purchase and helps to prevent loss.

3. Organization. Often, a plastic container for organization alone is not enough. Items can still travel from container to container either through carelessness, error, or misunderstanding. Lids elicit the need for directions or instructions, and help provoke communication in instances where it may at least imply permission is required to grant access.

4. Aesthetics. Lids help give customers piece of mind on their purchase, telling them that the product they desire has been kept secure, clean, fresh, and unaltered. What is being advertised is what they are purchasing, nothing more and nothing less. Along with aesthetics, containers with lids are easier to upkeep. Often, the product within the container travels to retailers or areas of display that are not directly controlled by the original manufacturer. The local staff may not know how to properly maintain the authenticity of the product. Something, as simple as dust can easily be brushed off of a lid.

Lids can come in several different types. Snap on lids allow quick and simple access to whatever is under them. Threaded lids require slightly more effort and do keep the container a little more secure from accidental exposure or spills. And lastly tamper evident lids keep the product completely secured in instances where the material inside may be particularly sensitive.

In practice, the most important part of choosing a lid is knowing your product and your clientele. There may be some instances where you decide a lid is not necessary. Maybe the product needs to be constantly or immediately accessed and a lid would get in the way.

Often, a simple snap lid will suffice, protecting products temporarily, possibly just through the shipping and storing processes and then removed before display. While secure material may require threaded or tamper evident lids. The important distinction here is whether the product may be edible (tamper evident lids may be the best choice here), or if the container just needs to be sealed for determent or organization (in which cases threaded lids will probably be a great fit). Regardless the choice, lids can be one of the most important elements in the storage, transport, and display life of your product. For more information and more helpful articles visit .

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