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CPET Trays Vs. PVC Trays

PET trays are the normal egg trays and fruit trays you see in the departmental stores. These trays are used for storing all types of fruits, bottles and perishable items like egg, biscuits, vegetables, etc. PET trays used for storing egg are generally made up of thick and heavy plastics. And the trays used to stock cool drink bottles are also very heavy. On the other hand, PET trays used to store fruits like strawberry are very light. They can be crushed easily. Yet, they are capable of holding tons of fruits. PET trays are manufactured by several companies using the thermoforming method with low cost.

In addition to creating trays, PET sheets are used for various packaging purposes as well. Multi-layer PET sheets are used to pack costly food items susceptible to germ attack easily. Besides, recycled PET sheets are used to pack various non-food items after careful cleaning. Multiple layers of virgin PET sheets are also used to cover high quality engineering products and pharmaceuticals. What’s more, special PET trays with ventilated lids are used to export fruits like strawberry to faraway places.

On the other hand, PVC trays are widely used for medicine packaging. They are used in several laboratories for handling tissues, cells and many other perishable items. PVC sheets are also used widely in blister packaging. It is nothing but the normal tablet strips package we see daily. Blister packaging is done using thermoforming technique to create small protruding webs at equal interval. The capsules or other items are shoved into the webs and sealed at the back through aluminum foil. Well, blister packaging have several advantages. Firstly, it keeps the medicine or products safe from moisture. Secondly, it keeps the products from getting damaged easily. And thirdly, it protects the products from germ attacks.

Additionally, special semi crystalline resins are used in blister packaging to keep the products safe and long-lasting for years. PVC trays are used extensively in horticulture. They are used to germinate seeds, grow small plants, and transfer them to different areas.

In practice, both PET sheets and PVC sheets are created by thermoforming. A huge PET or PVC sheet is fed into a heating station. The heated molds are then pressed onto the plastic sheets to create the web. Next, the sheets are cooled to allow time for the plastic to set. Then, they are trimmed and filled with tablets and sealed at the back. For more information and more helpful articles visit .

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