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MAP Tray and Packaging Lengthen Shelf Life

Modified atmosphere packaging, also called MAP, is a new way to store food which can help lengthen the shelf life of food products with the use of the new automatic food packaging machines such as poultry packaging machines. With the invention of the modified atmosphere packaging, many people are happy with its results for the reason that it ended their problem with food spoilage.

Modified atmosphere packaging is the process of containing food in an air tight sealed pack. With the use of these new automatic food packaging machines, they store food with less or no oxygen inside the bag to prevent or delay the growth of bacteria, so that lengthen the shelf life of the product. With the use of this packaging, the oxygen inside is replaced by carbon monoxide which aids in the prevention of bacteria growth and it helps maintain the appearance and taste of the food.

These automatic food packaging machines, like poultry packaging machines, have been designed to pack foods with this new process of food packaging. The most common food products packed through MAP technology are chicken, pork, fish, or any cold cut product. They are packed using different machines according to their classifications. Poultry packaging machines, for example, mainly packs chicken and other poultry products. Other food products that use this packaging are nuts, pasta, and ready-to-eat meals. Besides, not only does this apply to food products, it but also suitable for medicines.

These ready-to-eat meals are the best thing discovered especially to those busy people who have no time or too tired to cook. Ready-to-eat meals that have been packed with the MAP technology have showed to stay longer for at least 10 days. Because of this, it helped save money and time for busy individuals who rely on ready-to-eat meals. They can stock foods longer and eat them anytime they want without having to worry about its expiry date.

At present, not only does this new method of food packaging make the consumers happy, but also many food and medicine manufacturers are feel free to use it. Ever since they have packed their product using modified atmosphere packaging equipment, their sales have increased and they were able to widen their area of distribution without worrying that their product will expire immediately. For more information and more helpful articles visit .

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