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Edible PP plastic bowls PP plastic bowls

Not all plastics can be placed directly into the microwave oven, the microwave oven must be dedicated to plastics, packaging and containers in general will mark the bottom, but it is best not to use plastic containers such heated too much greasy food, which can cause aging and even utensils corruption; the general plastic products must not be placed directly into the microwave oven; it's best to try to use ceramic or special glass products, is environmentally friendly and easy to aging.

Friendly reminder:

1) Microwave: Lock crisper synthetic resin product, when used in the microwave, you must unlock the door locks into position after the separation in the container top, do not use for cooking, heating only a short time purposes. (To be heated, as a thawing, time control in less than 3 minutes). Liquid heating food, not more than two-thirds capacity 3, in addition to oil and sugar content of many foods, in the case of rapid temperature rise, make crisper deformed, do not use.

2) Carbonated beverages, hot drinks: sealing performance make crisper bubble carbonated beverages (soft drinks, cola, etc.) resulting decline suggestions please do not use such beverages into the crisper. Hot drinks such as loading, please do not put the lid immediately, otherwise it will lead to deformation of the container.

3) Staining and odor: When storing food contains a lot of pigment and fermented foods, may make crisper stain or smell, or in the case of the stained smelly, first neutral detergent into the crisper or a very small amount bleach and water fusion of water for a while, and then in the sun Liangshai twenty-three hours or so, it will stain or odor dissipated. (Soaked in water or wash the rice also get rid of the smell, a good way to stain).

4) Refrigerator: Depending on the food, save time are also different. Do not rely solely on the sealing performance of this product, good food to eat as soon as possible. Lock common type is with Cold Tolerance at minus 20 degrees products in the freezer when used with a liquid condensation can produce expansion cause deformation of the container, so the water and more food can only be placed two-thirds capacity 3. In the freezer, just out of the container is still locked, so do not avoid the impact of the moment, and left for 1 to 2 minutes before opening the lid to use at room temperature, the container can be maintained long-term use.

5) Washing: Lock crisper heat temperature is 125 degrees, so you can use in the dishwasher. At about 77 degrees in temperature sterilization, do not exceed 20 to 30 minutes disinfection, and the product can be placed on top of the indirectly heated washing better. As used immediately after washing, first used after washing in cold water, to prevent product deformation. When you use hot water, do not higher than 70 degrees in the hot water packed in sealed containers shaking, because the air pressure inside and outside the crisper different, may lead to cover sudden bounce, burn the body. When hand washing, do not use iron brush or abrasive powder. Lane silicone cover can be washed separately, please do not pull Supporter washing, otherwise it will break or longer.

6) To carry out: crisper on backpacks, handbags, shopping bags to carry, carbonated beverages or fermented foods, particularly temperature is very hot (soups) of food and other sealing properties make crisper decline, recommended to avoid storing such food

7) Avoid ordinary plastic containers into the microwave: First, hot food containers cause deformation of two ordinary plastic will release toxic substances, contaminated food and endanger human health. PP plastic bowls - what material handy plastic bowls PP materials, PP material due to the low cost, easy to shape, non-toxic and tasteless, (PP material there is still a food-grade, food itself is made of container) and. there are many excellent features PP material, such as; high temperature, excellent weather resistance, good toughness .PP non-polar compounds, polar solvent is very stable, such as alcohols, phenols, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, and most are it will not swell.

Edible PP plastic bowls PP Plastic Plates Bowls - fresh Principle

1. To prevent the water distribution, play a role in sealing; 2. To prevent losing the original flavor of food in storage; 3. Isolation air, preventing oxidation of food (infected).

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