Plastic Plates are Ideal for Parties

Update:17 Jul 2018

Nowadays, most people find it more convenient to use pl […]

Nowadays, most people find it more convenient to use plates made of plastic, or sometimes even paper plates, than ceramics, because they are disposable and easy to use. However, there are only certain occasions when these kinds of plates should be used. When do we use plastic plates, then?

Generally, Plastic China Plates are often used in parties. Party throwers prefer them because it is easier to dispose without having to wash them afterward. These kinds of plates should be used when hosting informal gatherings or events often held inside your house, at your backyard, or your apartment. You can generally use these plates in baby showers, housewarming parties, a farewell party, or a swimming pool party. These kinds of parties are not fancy and are usually small in size due to the number of guests. They do not require formal outfits or a program for the party. Thus, it's more convenient to clean up once the party's over.

However, formal gatherings and social functions like weddings, baptisms, dinner meetings with the bosses, or social gatherings may require you to use elegant ceramic plates and silverware, instead of plastic cups and plates. This is because your guests will typically be expected to wear formal attire, and it would be very awkward to serve them food on paper plates.

Compared to ceramic plates, plastic plates are more durable. When throwing a kids' party, expect that there will be a broken glass or a broken plate. This is the right time to use these kinds of plates and cups. When buying a plastic plate, do not just grab the first one you see. Choose one that's made of durable plastic. Also, it is perfectly logical to take into account how you will want your gathering to look and how your serving implements will factor into this. You can find appealing aesthetics that hold together.

In a word, plastic plates are safe to use, even when heating food using a microwave oven. However, this is not suitable at all times. Some plates made of plastic like melamine tableware, were banned from grocery stores and supermarkets because they are confirmed contain the chemical formaldehyde. This chemical is used in manufacturing electrical appliances and has been shown to have a correlation with lung disorders.

With the advancement in technology, plates made of plastic come in different styles, sizes, and colors. Some even resemble that of ceramic plates used in formal gatherings. So you have a variety options in choosing them for your parties.