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Update:17 Jul 2018

Edible PP plastic bowls Plastic Plates and Bowls - Purc […]

Edible PP plastic bowls Plastic Plates and Bowls - Purchase method

⒈ Materials: With the emphasis on consumer health increasing, PP plastic bowls concern itself with whether the material health. Health, safety materials, harmful to humans is the production of food grade PP material PP plastic bowls materials.

2. Appearance: Excellent quality PP plastic bowls look shiny and beautiful in design, no glitches. 3. Heat: PP plastic bowl heat resistance is relatively high, in hot water will not be deformed, even in boiling water disinfection.

4. Durable: PP plastic bowls to have superior impact resistance, weight or impact is not easy broken, do not leave scratches.

5. Seal: This is the choice that PP plastic bowls primary consideration. Although different brands of different products sealed way, but excellent sealing is a necessary condition for lasting memory of food preservation.

6. Preservation: the international standard is based on the determination of the seal through the humidity test to be judged, high-quality PP plastic bowls than similar products of low moisture permeability 200 times more time to keep things fresh.

7. Save Space: rational design, PP plastic bowls of various sizes can be placed in an orderly manner, combination, kept tidy, space-saving.

8. Microwave heating: can be heated directly in the microwave food, more convenient.

9. Versatility, diversity: the need for a design life of different sizes, different properties of PP plastic bowls, to make life more convenient adhesive

1. KD-822: suitable for a small area (9 square centimeters or less) PP polypropylene binder and PP transparent sheet folding box with colloidal transparent viscous liquid; PP plastic material pick up broken degumming effect, but more than 80 degrees impatience of hot water immersion

2. G-922: suitable for large PP polypropylene stick together, colloidal transparent viscous liquid, to be double-sided gluing, after dry for bonding, water, oil, but more than 80-degree heat intolerance

3. G-1805H: PP polypropylene suitable for large area bonding, colloids yellow viscous liquid, high bonding strength, water resistance, oil resistance, but not resistant to high temperatures above 80 degrees

Edible PP plastic bowls edible PP plastic bowls - compared with the difference between edible PC

Food-grade PC material itself non-toxic, it is converted to bisphenol A material PC when the conversion is not complete, so when the temperature is likely to release toxic bisphenol A, can cause cancer.

Many reports have been our country from June 1 this year, to ban the production, September 1 ban sales of infant food containers containing bisphenol A's. Under normal circumstances, food grade PP and high temperature conditions not leach harmful substances. Will not cause harm to human health, the safety is guaranteed, consumers can be assured