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The Benefits of Solo Plastic Cups

When you hear the words "Solo Plastic Cups", you probably get a flashback of all the parties you have attended during your high school or college years. Because that's what solo plastic cups have begun to be associated with or represent. Over the years, these cups have been used as the most reliable beverage or drinking glasses at all kinds of parties, not just at a party of students with raging hormones. Not just for parties, these cups are also used as beverage containers or glasses at school, college, or professional games, as well as at the cinemas.

What’s more, these plastic cups are not just limited to parties or games or at the cinemas, variants of the plastic solo cups are also used at ice cream parlors, yogurt shops (frozen or otherwise), and so on as a disposable eating bowl. They are also used when the ice cream parlor or the yogurt shop wants to parcel the ice cream or yogurt for their customer (to-go cups). These cups also come with plastic lids for covering the cup. These lids are usually used when customers at ice cream or yogurt parlors want their dessert on the go (parcel or take away.)

Generally, these plastic cups come in various sizes and colors. The solo plastic cups used as beverage containers or glasses come in either blue or red colors. And the clear plastic drinking cups are also common. They are usually available in 9 oz. or 18 oz. sizes. Whereas, the plastic cups used as containers or disposable bowls for holding desserts, yogurts, or ice creams come in many different sizes and colors. They can even be custom made according to your special requirements.

However, it should be remembered that these cups are not suitable for the microwave, neither for long nor short rotations in the microwave. If the cups are used in the microwave, they may melt and de-shape, or in the worst case scenario, they may even ignite and catch fire. Therefore, if you want to use plastic cups for the microwave, be sure to choose the one that specially designed to applicable for the microwave.

All in all, solo cups are very cheap, very useful and very sensible to have at parties and other occasions. Not only at parties, these cups are also good to have in the house for family use as well, they are versatile.

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