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How to Reuse Yogurt Containers II

4. Yogurt containers make super stackable toys for toddlers: Your average toddler can be amused by stacking up blocks or Lego and knocking them down, over and over and over. Can you imagine the fun your kid would have making towers out of yogurt containers (and knocking them down)? Bonus: Your kid gets to grow up and tell everyone stories about how environmentally-conscious her parents are.

5. Use a yogurt container as a circle template: Who actually owns a compass? There will come a day when you'll need to draw a perfect circle, and you'll be so glad that you thought of tracing around the mouth of an overturned yogurt container. Arguably, this could be accomplished with any solid round object, but we're talking about yogurt containers right now, so let's stick to the subject matter at hand.

6. Store markers and pens in it: You know, there are various kinds of pencil plastic cup available in the market, but how about using yogurt containers and tin cans when they are in such ready supply. If you must decorate your desktop with a matching ensemble, you can still use a yogurt container as a pencil cup. It just gives you an excuse to do a fun DIY project if friendly-cow graphics are not your idea of interior decoration.

7. Yogurt containers make excellent scoops: Sometimes in life, things get nasty, like when you leave leftovers in the fridge for way too long and there is no way you'd stick a utensil (or your hands) in the pot to scoop them out into the compost. That's when you employ either a yogurt container or its lid. Yogurt containers are firm but flexible, making them excellent for scooping. You can just rinse it out and throw it in the recycling bin. But consider yourself armed for run-ins with stuff you'd rather not touch.

8. Use as freezer containers: Oh, snap! You just made a truckload of vegetable stock and you have nothing to store it in. But wait…you have a whole stack of yogurt containers in the pantry, and the 8 oz ones fit perfectly in the bottom shelf of your freezer. The biggest advantage of freezing stocks in small yogurt containers is that they're pre-measured and you can take them out of the freezer one cup at a time.

All in all, there are so many methods to reuse yogurt containers. It is up to you to select whether to reuse them or just throw them to the trash can.

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