An Overview of Choosing Food Containers II

Update:17 Jul 2018

Once you've decided on the shape of the nblinhua food c […]

Once you've decided on the shape of the nblinhua food container you're looking for, it's time to determine the sizes you'll need. Recently, food containers are available with different sizes in the market.

Generally, what sizes you'll need will depend primarily on what you are using the products for. Wet ingredients, dry ingredients, fresh produce, sauces, soups, pickles, jams, the possibilities are endless in these containers!

Food containers are differentiated not only by material, shape, and size, but also by the special features that are unique to certain containers. These features include:

1. Lids: Lids ensure that the contents of your food containers remain fresh until ready to use. There are several types of lids to choose from.

Seal cover lids are tight fitting and spill resistant, with an inner and outer seal for superior protection. Lids like these enable the containers to be tipped completely upside-down without leakage.

If this type of protection is not quite what you are in need of, a less expensive, easy-on/easy-off snap-on version offers an airtight fit and great spill-resistance, but not the guarantee that if you tip the container over.

For fast lid identification, some lids come in color-coded varieties, with one color per size. Again, these lids are not liquid tight, but do offer a snap-tight closure to keep foods fresh.

2. Measurements: Food containers are not only great for storing food and liquid, but they are also great for providing approximate measurements, thanks to the graduations or measurements that are etched or printed onto the exteriors of many containers. These indicators allow your staff to see how much is in each container without having to measure out the contents.

For space-saving storage, all of our food containers feature stackable designs. These types of containers easily nest when not in use, and when in use, their stacking lugs allow for safe, stable stacking with other containers of the same brand, or even with similar brands.