Plastic: Why Do We Want ?

Update:17 Jul 2018

Let's talk about plastic. You do a quick glance for me, […]

Let's talk about plastic. You do a quick glance for me, so that all the lists you see are plastic. Your phone shell. This chair you sit in the vinyl insulation of your computer's power cord. Your glasses or contact lenses. It is also found in your car, clothes, home appliances. Plastics are a relatively new material, innovations that began almost 200 years ago, and a major breakthrough that took place almost 100 years ago. Now, we use every day depending on the plastic.

What is Plastic?

The basic definition of plastic is any form that can be softened when molded or molded and then hardened. There are several naturally occurring plastic materials, but today most of the plastics we use are synthetic.

Why Plastic?

Why is such a useful material for plastics? Here are just a few reasons why it has become so popular:

Most plastics are chemically inert. This means that they will not react with other chemicals. Take, for example, household cleaners. These contain corrosive ingredients that can damage the skin and eyes. However, the containers do not dissolve or disintegrate when they are stored in a plastic container.

Plastic is light and durable. Before the plastic becomes a frequently used container, bottles and jars are often made of glass or pottery. These containers are heavy and dangerous when broken. Now they are lighter and often safer when broken.

Plastics can be shaped into many different shapes. They can be made into bottles, lids, toys, auto parts, shoes, clothes, and many different other shapes.

Plastic is very versatile for its use. It has film packaging and packaging bags. It can be injected with air, producing a foam. This also makes for great insulation, wall hangers, bottles, circuit boards, and aircraft parts. Each of these plastics has unique properties. Some are rigid and others are flexible. Plastic may be clear, opaque, or colored. They may be electrical or thermal insulators, or may be made suitable for clothing fines.

In general, plastics are an inexpensive material. This, along with other features, makes the consumer market a very desirable material for plastics.

These are just a few reasons plastic has become so popular in the last 100 years. In container and package supply, we offer hundreds of different plastic containers and enclosures to meet your needs. Stay tuned, because the next time we have to understand how it is done.