A Review of Plastic Food Containers

Update:17 Jul 2018

   As long as the fast food packaging Hamburg paper can […]

   As long as the fast food packaging Hamburg paper can be collectively referred to as the Hamburg paper. Use different, the size of the design, including the thickness of paper bags have a lot of requirements, so according to the actual situation to achieve a multiplier, affordable purpose, For the waste material savings, green, corporate capital investment, to provide more protection.Pack of environmental protection or devaluation. General Burger shop with the packaging of three kinds of one is the Hamburg paper, the second is the Hamburg bag third Is the plate paper. Hamburg paper is generally more than 40 grams, like these packaging print costs are very low, generally not more than 0.06 yuan, such as mass production can be preferential low-cost wholesale. Hamburg paper specifications can be produced according to customer requirements Many of the origins come from Cangzhou, which is known as the printing city, where the price is good and the product is rich. The sale of hamburger burger bags can become a new business point, one for the cost point and the second of the hamburgers are now open to China. Three for small and medium enterprises or in the non-capital troubles 80/90 after the new students to create a new path.
   From the following three points to distinguish between good and bad hamburger paper is good, for reference only:
1, the thickness of the thicker the quality of the Hamburg paper the better, so you can first touch the thickness;
2, transparency. Select the Hamburg paper must give priority to select the translucent, because that is breathable and beautiful;
3, color. Color conspicuous, clear pattern, which is the first choice for Hamburg paper.www.nblinhua.com