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Plastic Container Vs Glass Container I

From an environmental point of view, most people have already got their answer in mind when it comes to using plastic container or paper container, the answer of which is neither, but what about plastic container or glass container? While some people still think that glass is better than plastic because of its Eco-friendliness, plastic has its fair share of fans, too, mainly because of one reason. Plastic and glass are both recyclable, but since glass can only be recycled and turned into more glass, it limits its options. On the other hand, since plastic loses its integrity, it can be recycled into a number of products from carpet filling to plastic lumber and so on.

While glass container is used in supermarkets and stores to package food stuff such as oils, spices and so on, when it comes to packaging perishables for the long-haul, it does have its drawbacks. The following are some of the disadvantages of using glass container for packaging.

Weight: First of all, glass container is heavier than plastic container. This means that more trips are required when transporting packaged goods. This, in turn, means a greater environmental impact. Besides, glass container is also heavy for the end consumers who need to carry what they have purchased from store to their home.

Fragile: Fragile takes on a whole new meaning when using glass containers for storing food items. As we have all learnt from an early age, glass has a tendency of smashing easily, which means that if a glass container is knocked accidentally on the floor, it will break easily, leaving a mess behind. Apart from that, glass is also more slippery to the touch as compared to plastic. This means that it is more likely to be dropped than a plastic container or other packaging material.

Unsafe: Glass is also more dangerous when broken as compared to other packaging material. Broken glass can cut a person’s skin and can at times, also be life threatening. This is a danger that is very true for those working in factories, shops and even transportation and packaging operative who are responsible in handling them.

Nonetheless, plastic container come in several types. Some of the styles that it can be found in are rounds, cylinders, jugs, modern rounds, oblongs, packers, squares, straight sided rounds, vials, wide mouth rounds, etc. This kind of variety makes it a better choice for those with different storing needs. The following are some examples of plastic containers used in everyday life.

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