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Update:17 Jul 2018

Abst:Plastics provide the world with a material that ca […]

Abst:Plastics provide the world with a material that can be tested with little effort and time.

Plastics provide the world with a material that can be tested with little effort and time. Plastic is a material with a high viscosity which, when hardened, exhibits metallic properties. Plastics can be molded in any form to achieve durable and lightweight products. Plastic cups are the common vision of most individuals. The present invention has brought about great changes in the design and implementation of the process for manufacturing fast moving consumer goods. Commodities can be conveniently stored in plastic cups for several days without damage. They are a convenient alternative to our fragile and sometimes expensive glassware used in homes and offices.

Plastic glasses are manufactured at the factory and are usually manufactured in volume to reduce the selling price. The raw plastic was taken to the factory, where it was initially treated with dirt and other harmful particles. This plastic is raw and requires chemical changes to make it a viscous material needed to produce the final product. Once the plastic has been processed, the entire batch is placed in the burner where the heating process takes place. This process involves high temperature and precise time. If the plastic is excessively heated, it may burn and be unsuitable for use, on the other hand, it will be difficult if it is not heated sufficiently. Once the plastic has been heated and reached its molten state, the molding process begins. Thousands of prefabricated molds are run along the assembly line, in which the molten plastic is cast in each mold. It was left to dry and the final product was ready.

The use of various shapes, colors and designs is common for the production of plastic cups. Dyes are added to the molten plastic to give the cups a different color. Plastic cups can be purchased at the local store, but it is recommended to buy recycled plastic cups to the greatest environmental benefit.