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Recycle Your Old Plastic Containers

The "green" movement is flourishing, with many thinking twice before throwing anything in the trash can. People are constantly looking for ways to reuse and recycle old items to remove them from the landfill - and to help those in need - and you can do the same for your old plastic containers.

Donate your old plastic containers

There are several ways to donate your old container:

If you are a business owner who wants to buy a new plastic container, you may know that another business owner can use your old container.

Charities such as your local salvation army or goodwill can use plastic containers to better organize their merchandise.

If you or your family belong to a sports team, special interest club or religious organization, your container may come in handy for the next fundraiser to roll around.

Move your plastic container to the garage

You may buy new plastic containers in the market, but that does not always mean you have to get rid of your old plastic containers. In fact, a few spaces throughout the house - such as your basement, your garage and attic - may scream a little help to the organization, and your old container can provide that.

Take your old plastic container to the recycling center

It is good to reuse your containers or donate them to people who can use them; however, if they are not your choice, you can bring your plastic containers to your local recycling center at any time. Be sure to check the bottom of your container for recycling codes; if there is no code, or if you are not sure whether you can recycle your particular type of container, make sure you call the recycling center for more information.

Plastic containers make great gifts

If your container is still in good shape, consider using it as a gift box next time you have a birthday, anniversary or holiday gift to give. Conventional cardboard gift boxes have their uses, but many people damage them when they open a gift or throw them in the trash because they do not have space to store them until they can be reused.

On the other hand, plastic containers are durable and provide the recipient with a world of storage possibilities. Square containers are particularly well suited for taking presents as they are as easy to pack as a regular gift box, and small containers are light and easy to handle.

Give your plastic container a facial lift

If you do not have any family or friends you can use plastic containers, you can not think of anything you can do with them, and you still do not have to throw them in the trash. Clean plastic containers offer many possibilities when it comes to crafts! For example, you can use non-toxic art supplies to decorate your container and start re-using it as a spoon for your pet's dry food. This type of item is particularly effective when using a container with a handle.

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