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Modified atmosphere packaging

Modified atmosphere packaging is also called "MAP packaging". It is a kind of fresh-keeping packaging developed on the basis of vacuum packaging and nitrogen packing. It is mainly used for food preservation.
Packaging principle ModifiedAtmosphere packaging is the use of gas storage gas (O2, N2, CO2 according to the characteristics of food mix), the packaging box or bag of air replacement, change the box (bag) of the food in the external environment, inhibit bacterial growth and reproduction (microbial), slow speed and fresh fruits and vegetables The new supersedes the old.. The extension of food shelf-life or shelf life.
The content of bacteria before packaging is one of the most important indexes of modified packaging
Pre cooling: generally through the professional vacuum pre cooling machine, the high temperature food in a short time to cool down to below 10 degrees. Small scale production can be replaced by pre freezing or low temperature air conditioning.
To reduce the time of bacterial propagation, to ensure that the colonies do not exceed the standard before the packaging and that the food does not deteriorate is the basic premise of modified atmosphere packaging
Cool the temperature of the food evenly, keep the food and nutrition.
The optimum colony number before packaging is <100cfu/g
Air conditioning packaging: modified atmosphere packaging has higher requirements for the packaging environment. It is absolutely hygienic before packaging so as to achieve long time preservation.
Requirements for equipment:
1, the residual oxygen rate in package is less than 0.5%. (the ability to replace the air by means of equipment determines the length of the fresh-keeping cycle)
2, the accuracy and stability of fresh-keeping gas ratio (30%CO2 and 70%N2). (the proportion of high precision fresh-keeping gas can guarantee the stability and unification of freshness keeping period)
3 、 heat sealing, uniform and beautiful appearance. (increase the appearance value of packing products)
4, high-speed packaging. (reduce production costs)
5, stability of packaging equipment (reduce the risk of food safety, reduce maintenance costs)
Refrigeration environment: temperature is one of the most important factors of bacteria breeding, fresh atmosphere of cold meat packaged must require cold chain distribution in 0~4oC under the condition of some anaerobic bacteria in the atmosphere package, under normal conditions will still breed.
Packaging materials: packaging materials will not only affect the appearance, packaging materials also affect the gas is not good transmittance, thus affecting the product shelf-life. With cling film anti fog effect is the preferred ModifiedAtmosphere packaging of cooked food products.

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