How do vegetables and fruits avoid bacteria from growing?

Update:17 Jul 2018

Today, talk about how vegetables and fruits keep fresh, […]

Today, talk about how vegetables and fruits keep fresh, and how to prevent the growth of bacteria in vegetables and fruits, introduced by Ningbo Lin Hua Plastics Co., ltd..
Fresh fruit products modified atmosphere packaging, according to the variety and freshness, at 0-4 degrees of temperature preservation period of 15-30 days. Packaging films need to use a high barrier gas barrier composite plastic film, in order to maintain the gas concentration in the package. The controlled atmosphere packaging for baked and cooked foods includes baked cakes, cakes, biscuits, breads, etc. the main ingredient is starch. Cause food spoilage and aging, the molecular structure of the decaying fat oxidation caused by deterioration in starch, hard as caused by mildew. O2 can inhibit most anaerobic bacterial growth and reproduction of corruption, to maintain the color of fresh meat and fresh fruits and vegetables to maintain aerobic respiration, to maintain freshness effect; that is to help preserve the size of cut, but also meet the dietary requirements, segmentation tools have sharp. Harvesting of raw materials, inspection, pretreatment, segmentation (block, silk, Ding Deng), cleaning, draining, preservation (browning or sterilization), packaging, transportation, sales not all vegetables are suitable for vegetable processing, another kind of wrapping paper can make citrus fresh for 3 months, the preservation of Litchi in more than 30 days. Leafy vegetables: use "paper" to retain vegetable moisture.
Precooling method: ice Precooling
The crushed ice is sprinkled on the product or in the water container with the product, and the contact area of the product is enlarged to increase the heat absorption effect. From the perspective of the direction of vegetable logistics, is divided into 3 parts, sales area and sales area connected area. Areas include the harvesting of fruits and vegetables, commercial processing after picking (sorting, grading, refurbishing and refrigerated containers, cold storage of ships, and refrigerated transport by air). The freezer is the last link in the cold chain. Product surface evaporation rapidly, resulting in rapid decline in product temperature. Suitable for vegetables, and some stem, cauliflower.
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