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Environmental protection product packaging application

According to statistics, about 90% of the goods subject to different degrees and different types of packaging, packaging has become an indispensable important link in the process of production and circulation of commodities, the annual consumption of packaged goods hundreds of millions, thus promoting the packaging environmental revolution has become an important mission of environmental protection.

Switzerland has been in the forefront of green packaging in the world, which is worth mentioning is the legend of the Swiss group in the packaging concept, packaging design story. Swiss legend started group on the "green beautiful movement", its staff and researchers are most environmentalists, they advocate a called "environmental protection" concept, ecological man and other creatures for the survival and development of their homes, to love the ecological environment like love, so they are from the production process, the raw materials of the products to the packaging will follow the principle of "ecological priority".

All the packaging are made of cardboard, which is used for papermaking raw material has not cut down a tree, flowers and natural plant fiber mostly derived from the production of organic skin care products surplus, low material consumption, is about traditional packaging 1/3, packaging materials can be decomposed in nature, do not pollute the environment, not only meets the recycling of environmental protection the concept, is also a symbol of natural origin, to the natural life of all artistic conception; packaging without a drop and any adhesive, depend on the interaction of paper and paper forming support, not only do not pollute the environment is also a symbol of unity and mutual support together, meaning to protect the earth, but also a symbol of creation and forge ahead; the outer packing paper without the use of chemical ink, simple and elegant, a symbol of the Swiss academic rigor has always been low-key. In addition, the additional cost of packaging is small, such as labor, transportation, carbon emissions and so on. In recognition of the enterprises in the packaging design of the "good intentions" as in the past and in the cause of environmental protection efforts, Global Green USA Sustainable Design Awards granted them.

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