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The Plastic Plate is More Durable Relative to the Ceramic

Every homeowner must be equipped with cutlery and dishes for food and snacks. Although the plate is usually made of ceramic, but now there are a variety of plate options to choose from, plastic tableware may be the most needed. The plastic plate is the perfect substitute for the ceramic plate we use. They are widely used in the market in different styles and completed, more importantly, they are a variety of occasions can be an effective choice.

Most people think that the use of plastic plates or sometimes even cardboard is more convenient than ceramics because they are disposable and easy to use. Plastic plates are usually used for parties because it is easier to handle without having to wash them first. These boards should be used when organizing informal gatherings or are often held in houses, activities in your backyard or apartment. Use these dishes in baby baths, family gatherings, farewell parties or pool parties. Due to the large number of guests, these parties are not fancy, usually smaller. They do not need formal clothing or programs. So, once the party is over, clean up more easily.

Compared with the ceramic plate, the plastic plate is more durable. When the children meet, expect not to have a broken glass or broken plate. When buying plastic plates, do not just grab the first piece you see and should be made of durable plastic. In addition, taking into account the way you want your party to appear, you can find a matching plastic plate.

So what is the plastic plate made by it? Disposable plastic articles are usually made of polystyrene, carbon and hydrogen compounds. On the other hand, the reusable plastic sheet is made of melamine resin. In order to produce a melamine resin, the compound is bound to formaldehyde by a polymerization process, and then the material is heated and molded into a plate.

In general, these are safe even when using microwave ovens to heat food. But that is not suitable for any time. Some plastic plates made of melamine cutlery have been shown to be associated with lung disease.

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