All kinds of food preservation period (for reference)

Update:17 Jul 2018

   Fresh fruit and vegetable mushroom    Fruit and vege […]

   Fresh fruit and vegetable mushroom
   Fruit and vegetable harvest, still maintain the absorption of CO2 from the CO2 metabolism of respiratory activity. Such as the reduction of O2 content in the package and the increase of CO2 content, the fruit and vegetable can maintain a weak aerobic breathing without anaerobic respiration. The aging process of fresh fruits and vegetables is delayed and the metabolic rate is reduced, thus prolonging the shelf life. Fresh fruits and vegetables in the atmosphere of fresh air from the O2, CO2 and N2 composition. Adjustable packaging season according to fruit and vegetable varieties and fresh to determine, such as strawberries, mushrooms, lychee, peach, leafy vegetables and so on. The shelf life at 0-4 ° C is 15-45 days. Using a low barrier film.
   Cooked food products
   Chinese and Western food and poultry cooked food products, Lu Cai, cooking, stew, fast food and other cooked food products preservation, preservation and preservation of preservatives and preservation. Fresh gas is generally composed of CO2, N2 and other gases. After the atmosphere packaging, fresh gas in the food surface to form a protective film, so as to achieve antibacterial preservation, to maintain food nutrition and the original taste, taste, shape. In the 0 ℃ under the preservation period of 10-15 days or more; in the 0-4 ℃ conditions, the preservation period of 60-90 days; pasteurization (80 ℃ or so), the preservation period at room temperature in 60-90 days or more The Need to use high barrier film. Using the atmosphere packaging with natural biotechnology, to achieve the desired effect.
   Fresh livestock and poultry
   Fresh pig, beef, lamb of the atmosphere of the packaging gas from the CO2, O2 and other gases. High concentration of O2 to the meat of myoglobin oxidized into oxygenated myoglobin, fresh meat can keep fresh red color; CO2 for antibacterial anti-corrosion. The shelf life is 0-30 ° C for 7-30 days. Fresh poultry with CO2, N2 and other fresh gas, preservation period of up to 15-30 days. With natural biotechnology, can be sold at room temperature 2-5 days.
   Fresh seafood
   Fresh fish and other aquatic products are high moisture content perishable food, low temperature storage of anaerobic bacteria is one of the factors of corruption of fresh aquatic products, and produce harmful to human health toxins. Fresh gas consists of O2, CO2 and N2. The regulation of fatty acids is the main factor of corruption and deterioration. The shielding gas is composed of CO2 and N2. Fresh aquatic products in tune, according to the variety and freshness, at 0-4 ℃ temperature of the shelf life of 15-30 days. Packaging film to be used on the gas barrier properties of the composite plastic film to maintain the gas concentration within the package.
   Barbecue food
   Barbecue food deterioration is mainly mildew, preservation requirements of mildew and keep the flavor, fresh gas from the composition of CO2 and N2. Cake, bread and other rice food at room temperature under the shelf life of 15-60 days; moon cake at room temperature for the preservation period of 30-90 days; bread packaging film to be used on the gas barrier properties of the composite plastic film to keep the package Of the gas concentration. With natural biotechnology, fresh effect doubled.
Pickles, pickled products kimchi food in the air easily oxidized, mildew metamorphism, in the marinated (bubble) system, adding the right amount of natural biological agents, after adjusting the atmosphere, at room temperature can be fresh 30-180 days. The fresh gas consists of CO2 and N2. Using a high barrier