What are the main requirements for the selection of fruits and vegetables packaging materials?

Update:17 Jul 2018

1. maintain the proper concentration of oxygen and carb […]

1. maintain the proper concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide: according to the physiological characteristics of different fruits, choose the appropriate film packaging bag. The fruit is sealed in a plastic bag, if the film bag or poor ventilation, respiratory intensity of fruit is too large, the oxygen concentration in the bag is too low (<3%), the fruit will produce anaerobic respiration, resulted in the accumulation of ethanol, acetaldehyde and other volatile compounds, odor and odor, reduce fruit flavor quality. In addition, high carbon dioxide concentrations (>10%) can also cause damage to certain fruits. Such as bananas and cherries can tolerate relatively high CO2 levels, while peaches, plums and citrus are sensitive to low oxygen and high carbon dioxide. The recently developed high permeable microporous membrane enables the concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the bag to be between 5%--15%, which is conducive to the packaging of products with greater respiratory intensity. In addition, microporous membrane bags can increase oxygen in bags, reduce moisture accumulation in bags and volatile metabolites, and are suitable for moisture sensitive fruits and vegetables products, especially tropical fruits. But this kind of packing is much more expensive than ordinary plastic sheeting.
Fresh-keeping packaging
2. and the fungicide with: Despite the low oxygen and high carbon dioxide concentrations of pathogens causing postharvest decay of the pathogenicity has the obvious inhibitory action, but generally low carbon dioxide on fruit physiological tolerance (<3%) and carbon dioxide (>10%) concentration is not enough to kill germs. After bagging, the high humidity in the bag is beneficial to the growth and propagation of the pathogen, and often aggravates the disease degree of the fruit. Therefore, the fruit should be sterilized before bagging or put in the bag to reduce the occurrence of the disease.
3.: Although spontaneous gas and low temperature with adjustable plastic film packaging can play air conditioning effect, but high temperature can cause respiratory and physiological metabolism of fruit quickly, consumption of fruit nutrients, reduce the quality and increase the decay, greatly reduce the preservation effect. In addition, the packaging can not replace the refrigeration, good packaging, only in good refrigeration conditions, to maintain the best preservation effect.www.nblinhua.com/