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Chinese cuisine in the atmosphere of fresh packaging fresh preservation principle:

 1, what is the compound atmosphere of fresh packaging? The principle of composite air-conditioning packaging is to use compound fresh air on the Chinese box has been loaded into the box of air replacement, change the box within the gas ratio, the formation of the box within the micro-atmosphere - that is, the formation of the Micro-atmosphere, so as to slow down the surface of Chinese food oxidation and microbial propagation speed, thereby extending the Chinese dishes of the shelf life and shelf life.
   2, air-conditioned fresh gas generally by the carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N2) and a small amount of special gas composition. The mechanism of fresh energy preservation is to control the oxidation and enzymatic reaction of the product through hypoxia, and to inhibit the propagation speed of microorganisms through hypoxia and high carbon dioxide. The total number of initial bacteria is controlled by environmental control and workshop management, combined with temperature control So as to achieve the purpose of preservation. Suzhou Senrui Preservation Equipment Co., Ltd. After years of research found that different Chinese dishes, fresh gas composition and proportion is also different. Chinese dishes using compound atmosphere packaging equipment for preservation, need to gas mixing accuracy error and gas replacement rate has a reasonable requirement. In the developed countries advanced advanced air conditioning packaging equipment standards, requiring gas replacement rate of 99.0% or more, fresh gas mixing accuracy error rate of less than 2.0%. The above two indicators on the preservation of food and fruit vegetables play a vital role. Suzhou Senrui fresh preservation equipment Co., Ltd. has adopted independent intellectual property rights of the original technology, so that the key technical indicators have increased by more than 30%.

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