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What does good food packaging material often have

Food packaging is the last link in modern food production. It plays an important role in protecting food quality and hygiene, facilitating storage and transportation, extending or vacationing, and increasing the value of goods. Packaging tray  has an irreplaceable role in providing protection for food, preventing food from being contaminated by external microbes or other substances, and preventing or reducing food oxidation and other reactions. The materials used for food packaging must have appropriate barrier properties, such as oil and fat foods require high oxygen barrier and oil resistance; dry foods require high moisture resistance; aromatic foods require high fragrantness; and fruit and vegetable fresh foods require packaging tray.There is a certain degree of permeability of oxygen, carbon dioxide and water bananas. In addition, food packaging materials must have good tensile strength, tear resistance, impact resistance and other mechanical properties; good chemical stability, should not have chemical reactions with the interior food to ensure food safety. In addition, it must have high temperature resistance, suitable for high temperature sterilization and low temperature storage of foods. Plastic is a kind of polymer material made of synthetic resin as raw material, adding appropriate stabilizers, plasticizers, lubricants, antioxidants, colorants, insecticides and preservatives.

With the continuous development of science and technology, people have higher and higher requirements for quality of life. High-performance, multi-functional plastic flexible packaging materials are becoming a hot-spot development packaging material.

Types of plastic packaging

High barrier plastic packaging material

High-barrier plastic packaging materials have been developed with the rapid development of the food industry, and they have played a role in ensuring the quality, freshness, flavor, and shelf life of foods. The technologies for preserving foods are varied, such as vacuum packaging, gas replacement packaging, packaging of deoxidant packaging, food drying packaging, aseptic filling packaging, retort packaging, liquid hot filling packaging, and so on. Many of these packaging technologies require the use of plastic packaging materials. Although they require a variety of properties, it is important that they all have good barrier properties.Enjoy more at/

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