Note the use of lunch bags

Update:17 Jul 2018

   Lunch bag resembles an environmental bag, it can be […]

   Lunch bag resembles an environmental bag, it can be said to be a shopping bag, but the lunch bag is the most lightweight mini and can place more items, especially by the office or work family of professional people favor, they prefer only the lunch bag as "In the future, lunch bags will be the most important part of the green bag, but because of the large demand for lunch bags and the concept is not the same, the two can not be linked together, the lunch bag will be more Fashion, then the lunch bag in the use of the process need to pay attention to what?
1, where the light compound of the lunch bag is best not long in a slightly high temperature environment, otherwise it will be easier to degumming;
2, imitation nylon material lunch bags need to place stains, or more difficult to clean, the best use of the process every day to use the mist can be volatile detergent sprayed on the surface and then clean with a clean soft cloth;
3, when cleaning is best not to use brushes to prevent the surface off;
4, place the lunch box, make sure the lid is covered, sealed