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Fresh vegetables need to have any conditions

 To do a good job, you must do the following:
First, strict disinfection.
1, raw fresh vegetables, fruit, the first water to be washed, and then rinse quickly in boiling water disinfection, to prevent viruses and pesticides poisoning; cooked fruits and vegetables and other raw materials, must also be repeated in the water purification, boiling water In the boil open or cooked, or in the pan fried. Only strict disinfection in order to ensure the safety of food, but also to ensure that before doing pre-packaging is safe and safe.
2, cooked cooked dishes in the process of curing process as far as possible to ensure that the processing of cleanliness, to avoid the amount of bacteria after ripening, and quickly pre-cooled to 0 ~ 10 degrees Celsius temperature, in the cutting should also be strictly on the processing of tools, etc. Disinfection, and the operator should also carry out strict disinfection measures. Packaging before mixing as much as possible to ensure that the cleanliness of raw materials is the inevitable guarantee of qualified health food.
Second, do a good job in the atmosphere of fresh packaging.
1, fresh packaging must pay attention to clean the box or bag inside the air, dust, bacteria: the general use of residual oxygen analyzer to detect residual oxygen to measure whether the air is ruled out, to ensure that the residual oxygen is less than 0.5% To ensure that aerobic bacteria and E. coli will not continue to multiply and grow.
2, mixed with the atmosphere of packaging packaging also precise control of the proportion of: carbon dioxide concentration of less than 20% did not inhibit the role of anaerobic bacteria, facultative bacteria, more than 25% of the carbon dioxide will be dissolved in water on the taste of mixed vegetables Have a slight impact.
Third, the use of good packaging materials.
In order to ensure that the inside of the box does not leak gas, oxygen and other components of the air does not penetrate into the box, you must choose a certain barrier packaging, packaging film. Wherein the barrier property of the package cap membrane generally requires a barrier property of a nylon film having a thickness of 8 or more.
Fourth, the cold storage temperature.
Refrigeration conditions is another important part of fresh vegetables, the general control of temperature in the 0 to 5 degrees Celsius, so as to effectively reduce the metabolic activity of bacteria required to achieve fresh effect.
    Fresh vegetables (fresh) is a system of engineering, the need for each link are very good in order to achieve the perfect fresh effect, to keep the color, taste, shape, camp and other characteristics.

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