Affect the external factors of modified packaging products

Update:17 Jul 2018

 1, temperature control: including processing, packagin […]

 1, temperature control: including processing, packaging, storage, transportation, sales of environmental temperature control.
     2, health management: product processing and packaging adhere to good health management (GMP) and the implementation of HACCP management system.
     3, raw material quality: the initial number of bacteria and physical and chemical indicators such as peroxide value (PV), thiobarbituric acid value (TBA).
     4, the final product of the other ingredients.
     5, from processing to packaging time interval.
     6, gas and product volume ratio.
     7, mixed gas ratio accuracy and residual gas composition (residual oxygen%).
     8, the packaging material O2 /, CO2, N2 breathability.
     Therefore, the control of food in the atmosphere of fresh packaging, storage and transportation, shelves every step of the process and conditions, is to make cooked food products to achieve the most ideal preservation effect of the necessary factors. Only strict control and management, in order to achieve the maximum shelf life of food preservation, so that enterprises get the greatest economic and social benefits.