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Do you use this cutlery?

 A dish of utensils and utensils for the distribution or ingestion of food. Tableware includes complete sets of metal utensils, ceramic tableware, teaware, glassware, dish and tray and a wide variety. So many kinds of tableware, how do we choose? Different materials of the tableware should pay attention to what to buy?
   Choose a different material of the tableware need to be careful
   1, bamboo tableware: easy to be microbial contamination, should be used when the brush clean.
   2, paper tableware: not easy to hold the food just pan.
   3, glass tableware: sometimes "mold", available soap and other alkaline substances to remove mold point, not high temperature, to avoid cooking or overheating food.
   As shown in Figure 4, plastic tableware: some substandard products containing vinyl chloride carcinogens, long-term use will cause cancer.
   5, aluminum tableware:. Should be careful not to use rice shovel scraping aluminum pan, it is not appropriate to use caustic soda and other cleaning aluminum tableware should not use aluminum tableware for a long time to keep food and long-term full of salt food should not be made of aluminum pots and other acidic foods. Should not use aluminum pot at high temperature for a long time processing of food.
   6, iron tableware: rusty iron tableware should not be used, but also pay attention to the oil should not be long on the ironware wok boiled lotus will cause chemical reactions, so that lotus root black, eat such a lotus not only from not To the role of heat thirst, but will cause stomach discomfort.
   7, copper tableware: rust will produce "copper green", can make people sick, vomiting, and even poisoning.
   As shown in Figure 8, ceramic tableware: usually with bright yellow, red, blue and other colors of ceramic tableware, color weight all contain a certain percentage of lead and lead the highest amount of ceramic tableware in contact with coffee, beer, juice , milk, vegetable soup and other acidic foods, the pigment will be a little bit of dissolution of the pigment, the body intake of excessive lead will damage the health.

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