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How to choose a qualified disposable plastic cup?

Mainly considering the following aspects

1. Raw material The commonly used materials are generally food grade PS polystyrene and food grade PP polypropylene. PS transparency and hardness are higher than PP. Commercial reception, high-end receptions, restaurants all choose PS material and do not need cup holders.

2. Appearance The regular disposable plastic cup manufacturer adopts food grade PS or PP material, which has high impurity purity, uniform wall and good transparency after molding.

3, production qualification Disposable plastic cup as a kind of disposable plastic tableware, in line with the national standard GB 18006.1-2009 plastic disposable tableware general technical requirements. The other is the QS certificate. The product with the QS certificate mark represents the approval of the state. All food production enterprises must undergo mandatory inspection, and the food production license number is marked on the food packaging of the smallest sales unit. The printed food quality and safety market access mark ("QS" mark) can only be shipped from the factory.

4. Production workshop The production workshop should select the clean workshop production that meets the relevant national regulations. Cleanroom standards can refer to GMP certified cleanroom standards

5, the production process Food grade polystyrene PS using injection molding process, 260 degrees high temperature heating molding. It is guaranteed to be non-toxic, has no odor, has good heat resistance and high transparency.

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