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How to choose and identify plastic tableware

  How to choose and identify plastic tableware

   When shopping for plastic tableware, first look at whether the logo is complete, and secondly look at the product. The surface of the product should be smooth, free of stains, impurities, scratches, cracks, etc., no discoloration, fading, and smell for pungent odors. The most important thing is to look at the product identification. This standard stipulates that the product must be marked with the manufacturer’s name or trademark, material, and temperature. If the product has requirements such as heat-resistant water, not suitable for microwave ovens, and no contact with oil, it is also It should be marked, "This time the standard is clear, if it is not marked, it will be deemed usable."

   There are many varieties of tableware for microwave ovens, but the labels are different. Some indicate the use temperature and method of use, some only indicate the use temperature, and some do not indicate the use temperature or any instructions. Guangdong is a concentrated area and main distribution center for thermoplastic tableware manufacturers. However, because there is no uniform standard, the quality of products on the market varies greatly. Some companies use low-quality and inexpensive products to seize the market.

  Use: only recommended for short-time heating under 700W

Generally speaking, it is relatively safer for the product label on the market to use a temperature of 140℃. However, even if the microwave plastic tableware is qualified according to the standard test, it is only recommended to be used under short-term heating conditions below 700W, unless the product is marked as available It can be used under stricter conditions only if it is used for cooking or other international certifications with higher requirements.



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