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How to choose the correct disposable cup


Offices and homes prepare paper cups to entertain guests. It is hygienic and convenient. However, paper cups are not used casually. From June 1st, the national standards for paper cups issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standards Committee were officially implemented. For the first time, the standard proposes that "the paper cup should be within 15 mm of the cup and the bottom of the cup should not be printed within 10 mm from the cup."

Dong Jinshi, executive vice president and secretary general of the International Food Packaging Association, said that no printing at the mouth of the cup is a protection for consumers. At present, there is no concept of food grade ink in China, and there is no ink that can be used to contact food. Domestic food packaging currently mainly uses solvent-based inks, which contain a large number of harmful solvents, such as benzene, toluene, xylene, etc., excessive benzene can cause cancer, especially blood system diseases. So, how can we pick a good quality paper cup?

Look at the outer packaging and check whether the contents of the product name such as "product name, factory name, factory address, product execution standard, production date, shelf life, and health permit" are marked on the package. If the content is incomplete or irregular, it is best. Do not buy.

Look at the cup body quality paper cup body pattern should be uniform color, the color should not be too bright, the outline is clear, the wax layer is even and thin, looking at the light, the cup body has no impurities, bubbles, water lines, hard blocks and so on.
Look at the cup mouth to note that the cup mouth is smooth, smooth, no waste edges, burrs, the cup mouth should not have obvious depressions, wrinkles.

Smell the smell of paper cups with pungent odor, especially the taste of ink.

Pinch a pinch and gently squeeze on both sides of the cup. The good paper cup is very hard and has resilience. The inferior paper cup is often soft after being pinched, and there is no elastic energy.

Finally, when using a paper cup, do not drink the first glass of water. First boil it with boiling water, and then drain the water after four or five minutes to allow the harmful substances in the paper cup to fully evaporate. Subcooled or overheated water, alcoholic or acidic beverages are not suitable for use in disposable paper cups.

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