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How to distinguish the quality of paper cups


Generally, at the time of purchase, the paper cup is mainly determined by observing the appearance characteristics, and the good paper cup generally performs the following test quality inspection:

1. Functional test: Test whether the paper cup can hold liquid, such as water.

2. Performance test: Test whether the paper of the paper cup is thick enough and not easy to be deformed.

3. Stress test (load test): Whether the liquid full of paper cups will be bad

4. Recoverability test: After the liquid is poured out, the paper cup can be restored to the original

5. Strength test: Whether the paper cup will soften and damage after a period of liquid.

6. Appearance test: Whether the shape of the paper cup is beautiful, the pattern is beautiful

7. Ease of use test: Whether the paper cup feels good when used, whether the taste is good, will not puncturing.

8. Safety test: After the cup is filled with water, the cup will be deformed to spill liquid onto the user.

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