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How To Make PET Water Bottle


Every day we need to drink a certain amount of water, and we will come into contact with the water bottle. In other words, it’s very conmen in our daily life, we can see the PET water bottle at any time and at any place. But do you know how to manufacture the bottle? What the key steps? And what device will be used?

First of all, you should have a rough concept. The water bottle is made in two key steps and two different crafts. The first process is making PET bottle preform by PET injection molding machine, then the second step is blowing water bottle shape by the blowing device.

1. PET Bottle Preform-Dakumar PET Injection Molding Machine

PET preform is the basis of the water bottle. The weight, stretch and transparency of the pet preform will affect the bottle effect. So if you have idea to invest the bottle project, you should make sure what volume of bottle you want to produce, 500ml, 1000ml or 2liter. Bottle volume will affect the preform thickness, weight and cycle time. Generally, the larger capacity, the thicker thickness, the larger weight, and the longer cycle time. Beside, most of PET preform mold is multi-cavity. Before inquiry, you’d better to know hourly capacity, supplier need the info to recommend mold cavity and injection molding machine tonnage for you.

2. Final Water Bottle-Dakumar Blowing Device

Blowing Device is made up by blowing part and heating oven. Before the blowing, you have to put the PET bottle preform into oven for heating. Then take it out, and blow the preform to final bottle. When you choose the bottle blowing device, please offer the neck diameter and hourly output to supplier, he will give you most suitable and professional suggestion.

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