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Paper cup material

 The production process of the cold drink cup: direct printing, die cutting, processing and forming, and spraying the food wax on the surface of the paper cup. The production process of the hot drink cup is made from the paper cup base paper through the PE film into paper cup paper, printing, die cutting and processing.
 1. Composition of paper cup base paper

 (1) Base paper composition

 The main component of paper cup base paper is plant fiber. The production process is usually made from pulp fibers such as softwood and hardwood. It is pulped, refined, chemically added, screened, and then paper-cut.

(2) Technical requirements

 According to the processing performance and performance of the paper cup, it is determined that the paper base paper must have the following technical requirements.

1 high water resistance

The printed paper cups are required to have no water leakage and water leakage, so the paper base paper is required to have high water resistance.

2 easy to shape

When making paper cups, in order to avoid paper jams and wrinkles during the production process, and to prevent molding

After the deformation of the paper cup, the paper base paper is required to have high stiffness, good flatness, good printing process, moderate density and thickness, and easy processing. Donnelly

3 paper surface is delicate

When the paper cup is printed, it is required to control the roughness value of the surface to be printed after the printing surface of the base paper or the PE is coated to meet the printing requirements of the surface of the paper cup.

4 high whiteness

The base paper should have a comparable paper whiteness CTP without using a fluorescent agent to ensure a clear and vivid print pattern.

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