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Polycarbonate (PC)


It is synthesized from bisphenol A and diphenyl carbonate, and is commonly used in the manufacture of kettles, cups, bottles and the like. In the process of making PC, the raw material bisphenol A should be completely made into plastic structural component, and should not be released in use, but the unqualified product can not be done, a small part of bisphenol A can not be completely converted into plastic, and it will be heated. It is released into food and is harmful to children and the fetus. (The 2011 PC bottle event is the result of this.) The most common water cup material at present, many department stores and car manufacturers use the water cup of this material as a gift.

Commonly used in: life is often used in transparent cups, bottles, drinking buckets, CD substrates, lenses and lampshades. Advantages: good light transmission, good heat resistance and impact resistance, resistant to weak acid, weak alkali and neutral oil. Note: UV resistance and weather resistance are poor; the surface is not wear-resistant, easy to scratch; not resistant to strong alkali.

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